I am a Soul Witness of Joanne’s Amazing Gift

My spiritual encounter with Joanne has been a life saving & life’s guidance experience that has been no less than magical. Joanne has taught me I hold this physic ability to connect with my loved ones. It has taken me several years to develop my senses through teachings of Joanne that has given me hope and future guidance with my personal & business life. I am a soul witness of Joanne’s amazing gift not only with me but with many of Joanne’s clients that I have personally encountered who have shared their stories of pure love messages from their loved ones. God Bless you Joanne, are “AMAZING” knowing the messages are from above but “AMEN” you are the one to bring these trusting messages to us.

Bonnie Lynn Petro

A Reading With Her is Life Altering

I have had readings from Joanne for the past five or six years usually once a year my first reading with Joanne she told me about a relationship that was to come and he would be the man of my dreams, a blue collar man. I met my now husband that year who is a paramedic. The next reading I had I was looking for a house with my boyfriend at the time and she said we would find a house on a street that began with G that was a two-story. We have a two-story house on Garner Avenue. The next reading I had was regarding schooling and I needed to go back to school for another round of Education and that I would need three degrees which I am completing my second degree currently and planning on a master’s. My latest reading was in February we were just married in January and she talked a lot about us having children. Joanne said that I would be pregnant by May 2020 I tested positive on May 1st 2020. Although I recently lost that pregnancy she did predict it. She said I was going on two trips soon. Which is true we were going on our honeymoon and then I was also going on a girls trip to British Columbia. She also said that my May trip(BC) something would go wrong with it and I would have to be pushed back, covid-19 happen and we have postponed our trip till its safe to travel.

These are just some of them the major events that Joanne has told me about over the years, there are so many more little things throughout my readings that have come out and to have proven factual. The contact with my family members from the other side and knowing that they’re proud of me and that peace is always such a great blessing during a reading as well. Joanne is wonderful, insightful, energetic and very thorough. A reading with her is life altering. I have referred 2 friends and both have been blown away by how much she just knows and couldn’t know!

You will leave your reading with Joanne with an insight into what’s to come.


She is Worth Your Time

I see/speak with Joanne a minimum of once a year and have done so for 10 years now. I have had readings face-to-face and over the phone, both are equally effective. Her special gift enables her to provide very accurate readings. I have turned to her for advice in many life-deciding situations and her guidance has always been a huge help to me. I have referred over 30 people to her over the years and no one has been disappointed. Many of them are repeat visitors themselves. She is worth your time if you have an open mind and open heart.


A Phone Reading is So Relaxing

I have had several phone readings with Joanne. I switched to phone readings to be more accommodating to my busy schedule and I will not switch back to in person. A phone reading is so relaxing and the more relaxed I am, the more intuitive Joanne is. I highly recommend this type of reading my time, my place (and sometimes my jammies!).


I am so Happy She Crossed my Path

Joanne is the most inspiring, positive woman you could ever meet! I am so happy she crossed my path and hopefully she will stay! Thank you Joanne for all the positive energy!


She Predicted the Birth of my Kids

Joanne is great personal and world event reader. Joanne predicted the pandemic in January. She predicted that something from China is going to affect the world and lots of people are going to suffer. As a personal reader, she predicted my career changes, relationship changes by the day. Also she predicted the birth of my kids even when we were not planning.


We had a Girls Night Group Reading

I have had 3 readings from Joanne…so far that is! We met by chance at Walmart and I’m so thankful for that. She’s spot on with her messages, nothing vague…as well she is such a warm person with a big heart. I was so impressed with her that I told my girlfriends and we had a girls night group reading. There were 7 of us and each of us were blown away by her incredible gift and ability. Joanne has given me such peace of mind and validation that my loved ones are still right here with me and my family. Thank you Joanne!!


It’s Amazing the Messages She Gives

My family have been seeing Joanne for over 10 years on the telephone or in person. It’s amazing the messages she gives and how accurate she is. It has helped my family wherever we are in the world to be able to connect with her. To get a sense of relief and we are on the right path but most of all the confirmation that our loved ones who have passed watching over us. Thank you for helping us and giving us the messages we need to move forward in life. You’re amazing and gifted in what you do for people.


Spot on For so Many Things

Spot on for so many things in my readings. Including names, locations and dates. I’ve been 3 times, I’ve sent my sisters and mom for readings as well. I will be back, and will always recommend Joanne for readings.


She is Such a Fun and Energetic Person

I have seen Joanne on several occasions and I will continue to see her several more each year! She is such a fun and energetic person with so much love in her heart, I could hang out with her all day! Her readings are so accurate and so many things she has predicted have come to fruition it’s simply amazing! Thank you Joanne for not just being good at what you do, but for the amazing person and soul you are helping so many others including myself!


It is Incredible When it Happens

I met Joanne over the phone 10 years ago after my husband passed. Joanne was able to see so much and connect in a very loving way to my life. Over the years, and many phone sessions, she has connected not only with my loved ones but at times the loved ones of those near me who are trying to get a message through. Joanne is someone I rely on to seek guidance from Mother Mary and the spirits who want to help and offer advice. Sometimes talking with Joanna is just a way to ground myself in the truth and remind myself that there are miracles of their love everywhere. They speak to her and validate themselves in amazing ways by showing her a photo you just put up or where you are sitting, or a song you just heard. It is incredible when it happens. Just recently my mom passed and when Joanne and I were on the phone she showed Joanne my bed blanket and a book. Well I was talking to Joanne from my bed!! And the book was exactly what she described, about healing. An it was meaningful because it was all over the phone. I love you Joanne! And yes, I’ll give that boy a hug.


You Always Blow me Away

I have been seeing Joanne since I have been a teenager and she always amazes me in the messages she gives every time. If I see her individual or by telephone because my life is so busy. The most amazing thing is reading my daughter since she has been small because she was going through some health issues and knowing everywhere she has been. It sounds crazy but it was amazing seeing it and how her messages were right on. Thanks Joanne for everything you do. You always blow me away with every reading.


Her Readings are Accurate and Dependable

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Joanne Sicard, Spiritual Medium, for eight years. Whether by phone or in person, her readings are accurate and dependable, uplifting and enlightening. All wrapped up with humour and love. She has been a beacon of light over the years for me as I’ve navigated through the dark and choppy waters of my life and l’ve come out smiling.


She Knew Things No One Would Know

I am so in awe of this amazing woman. Had a reading with her and she knew things no one would know. She brought me comfort in knowing my loved one who cam through was happy and with other family on the other side. She told me things about myself that my loved ones told her that make total sense. She is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting to connect with loved ones. Thank you SO much Joanne.


It Was Like I Was Talking to my Husband

I was really struggling after the death of my husband. I desperately needed to know that he was at peace. I was a little wary of a telephone reading but it was amazing! Joanne told me so many things that there was no way she could have known. It was like I was talking to my husband again for a full hour. I have found peace in knowing that he is ok and is obviously around all the time. Thank you so much!


I Credit Joanne with Saving my Daughter’s Life

My sister had a reading with Joanne over the telephone. During the reading some information was provided about my daughter’s upcoming trip to Europe. I was startled by the information and decided to also have telephone reading with Joanne. I cannot stress enough that Joanne’s gift transcends telephone lines. I had previously spoken with her face to face but there was no time, and I needed to speak with her, so the telephone was my best option. I am so thankful I did. I would like to share my story.

In both my sister’s reading and mine, three very clear messages were being sent. Joanne saw my daughter travelling and she was going to be approached by a man. Joanne described the man and clearly stated to me that his intentions were not honorable and she would be in danger. The message was that she was to say “My parents are expecting me. They are waiting for me.” Also in this reading Joanne saw my daughter having difficulty with a Visa. Third and final message was that she had to stay out of jail and if she landed in jail, she would not come home. Joanne said she was to keep in daily contact with me and surround herself with white light by asking for protection from her spirit guides. You can imagine my upset. I did not dismiss her messages.  I shared them with them with my daughter, gave her my cross and she promised she would keep in daily contact through Apple ID location, text or email; however I consoled myself thinking there must have been an error because she was not travelling to any country that required a Visa.

In September, my daughter left for Europe with an open ticket. She travelled throughout Europe without issue. However, she then informed me that she was travelling to Australia to meet her boyfriend in the Northern Territories. I received a frantic phone call from England because unbeknownst to her, she required a visitor’s Visa. After trying to register three times for the Visa online, the program kicked her out and she was not going to be allowed to board the plane without the Visa. Thankfully, a kind service clerk took pity on her and used his airline computer to acquire a visa for her. While in Australia, the two decided to take a trip to Bali, Indonesia. During their stay, the two travelled to an expensive hotel on the waterfront where her boyfriend had stayed many times. They used the facilities and enjoyed the food and beverages provided; however, each thought the other had taken care of the payment and they left the hotel. When my daughter came out from a swim in the ocean, the Indonesian police were waiting for her. Her partner was still out in the ocean and was unaware that she was taken in handcuffs back to the hotel lobby. There, they berated her and she paid the bill. Upon paying for the bill, the police announced that they were going to take her to jail because they felt she had lied to them. Still handcuffed, my daughter became hysterical and just kept explaining over and over again that it was mistake. (Indonesian jails are no laughing matter). For some unknown reason, the policy let her leave. This is absolutely unheard of. A payoff is usually expected and none was given. I can’t explain why she was let go other than to say she was diligent in asking for protection from her spirit guides as Joanne told her she must do. Most significantly was that my daughter was going to fly home for Christmas by herself. She went to the Indonesian airport and was going to fly to Shanghai. Her flight left at 11pm. When she arrived, the flight has been cancelled. The airline offered to put her up, but she knew she was 10 minutes from the hotel where her boyfriend was staying so she declined and decided to take a cab back to the hotel. She chose to pay more money and travel with a safe option, a certified driver who was identified by a blue jacket with a yellow badge. Ten minutes into the drive, my daughter did not recognize any of her surroundings. She began to question the driver who told her she was “very beautiful” and started to pull her towards him and assault her while driving. He kept asking her “if people knew she was coming” and she kept replying “they are expecting me. They know I am coming. Why aren’t we back yet?” She was working very hard on maintaining calm and talking. During this exact moment, I was very unsettled at home. I decided to call her on her cell. When I did, the call was strained. She kept saying, “I’m on my way back. I am with “so-and-so”, in the cab now. I will be back soon.” When she put the phone down, she was stern with the driver and said “They are wondering why I am late. They know I am in a cab. I need to get back now!” Within five minutes, the driver dropped her off, scared but relatively unharmed on the main strip 10 minutes walking distance from her hotel. She felt safer out of the car and ran back to the hotel.

I credit Joanne with saving my daughter’s life and the grace of God. I didn’t want to hear concerning news before she left; however, knowledge is power and because Joanne had told us these things over the phone, my daughter and I had discussed her safety and I believe that I was in-tune enough or alert enough to listen to my sixth sense (maternal intuition) and call her when I felt an overwhelming sense of discomfort. It may be of interest to know that the description Joanne provided of the man’s build, hairstyle, complexion, was “spot on”. I have since had telephone readings. Joanne, thank you for sharing your gift with me! I have you on speed dial now and you have eternal love and gratitude.