I Absolutely Love My Job

I’m so unbelievably grateful and thankful the universe has given me this gift. My soul’s purpose is to prove to you that your loved ones are in heaven and still watching over you. It’s always exciting and rewarding bringing in your loved ones.  I don’t ever take this gift for granted. I only ever ask the universe to bring me people that seek comfort or need guidance so their souls can be at peace and have heaven on earth. Our loved ones want us to have happiness and a life full of abundance.

So when did this all start? My first memory of connecting with the other side was when I was eight, and it was a message for my grandmother. By the age of 12, I noticed my mother used regular playing cards to read family members. Based on my memories of their reactions, the messages my mother was giving were very accurate. I was blessed my mother shared her gift and knowledge with me.

When I was first learning to work with the playing cards, I used them as a form of relaxation. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I gained a better understanding for my gift and ability to pick messages from the other side. As the years have gone by, I’ve learned to trust my gift and not rely on the cards.

After my mother passed, she was the first soul I clearly saw. Twenty-five years later, she stills continues to guide me every day from heaven. Suzzie is another loved one that watches over me, a beautiful soul in heaven. As a child, I never understood why I loved the smell of skunk. It wasn’t until starting connecting with the other side that I learned that this was Suzzie’s favourite smell. She’s been watching over me my whole life.  Whenever I smell a skunk, she’s reminding me that she’s around and I thank her.

Over the years, my gift has become so much stronger and have even more clarity. I can now pick up messages through all five senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting (like getting cravings). In addition to doing personal readings, I enjoyed working for a newspaper doing weekly spiritual horoscopes for several years.

I trust the universe with my whole heart and soul.

Joanne Sicard